Die Steuergruppe 

The Steering Committee, which works in English, has the task of coordinating and supervising the school development processes especially as to educational quality on the basis of strategic decisions made by the Board and the School management. The direction is given, the Steering Committee helps to reach the destination in time and includes representatives of all bodies of the school community in its work. This helps to involve the whole school community and creates ownership and responsibility.

The Steering Committee works in close cooperation with the PQM coordinator. The PQM coordinators contributes his expertise on school development, helps in setting up and monitoring project groups, and makes sure that the work done by the Steering Group links with the Action Plan.


The Steering Committee’s and the PQM coordinator’s role is to provide advice, ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes. This may include such tasks as:

• Providing input to the development of the projects;

• Defining and helping to achieve the project outcomes;

• Help identify the priorities among projects and within projects – where the most energy should be directed;

• Identifying and monitoring risks;

• Monitoring timelines;

• Monitoring the quality of the projects as they develop;

Therefore, the Steering Committee meetings provide a forum for the work of the Project Groups and their progress. It can also serve as an instrument of information to the members coming from board and/or school management and as a basis for discussion of all members about the ongoing projects, and – with the consent of school management - about initiating or ending a project group.

Regular Members are the Hos and/or his Deputy, representatives of the students council, the teachers council, parents (GEB), a representative of the Board, a representative of the administration, the Steering Group Chair and the PQM coordinator, the head of the International Section and of the IBDP department. The representatives are designated by their respective bodies or are their regular representatives.

The Steering Committee holds its meetings on a regular basis, every 6-9 weeks. The invitation with topics is sent out by mail a week before, members may propose topics. The Conference Order follows the general rules of school conferences at GESM.

The Chair of the Steering Committee prepares the meetings and sends out the invitation, organizes the meetings, leads them and sends out the topics and the minutes. The minutes are taken by a member in turn or by a school secretary. Minutes are approved at the beginning of every meeting. The minutes are communicated to the school community, if the school management approves of this.

Role of members: The members represent the view of their bodies and, if necessary, prepare the meetings with them. After the meeting, the representatives will inform their bodies.


Relationship to the Board and School Management: Strategic decisions are made before and outside the steering Group meetings in meetings of Board and school management, the Steering Group is then informed about decisions in advance by the HoS and the board. Proposals to the board from the Steering Committee are transmitted by the HoS. The HoS may authorize the Chair of the Steering Group to inform the board directly.

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