German KiGa

As an excellent German school abroad, the language of instruction in grades 1 to 5 is of course German. We teach according to German curricula and use only German textbooks. Not only books, computer programs and educational games come from Germany, our classroom furniture and our traditional school festivals such as St. Martin, St. Nicholas or our traditional easter egg hunt give our little ones the feeling of being at a school somewhere in Germany.

A special feature of our school is our so called “Projekt Unterricht”. This takes place in six interdisciplinary topics per class, which connect the German science curriculum with the living conditions of our students.

Class 5 is our orientation level. In order to make it easier for the children to enter middle school, primary and secondary school teachers are working together in class 5. They follow the curriculum of a German “Gymnasium”. The newly added subjects History, Biology and Geography are also summarised into projects and taught by the class teacher.

Weekly planning allows individual and differentiated support of each individual child and educates them to work independently. English as an early foreign language is taught from the second grade on. A first playful encounter with the foreign language in songs and games will be expanded from the 3rd to the 5th grade to systematic foreign language teaching at the gymnasium level.

A large sports area, a swimming pool and a sports hall offer the possibility of many sports and leisure activities in the so-called cultural band and the optional afternoon program. Joint events, excursions and learning arrangements with students from the international and French branches provide a truly European-international atmosphere at our school.

Deutsche Europäische Schule Manila

German European School Manila

75 Swaziland Street

Better Living Subdivision

1711 Parañaque City, Philippines